How to care for your KAFTAN piece?

We recommend to hand wash cold or machine wash cold using the delicates cycle and to air dry flat.

Please bear in mind that due to the organic nature of plant dyes their colours may change a little and fade with time. We hope you can appreciate the beauty that mother nature provides.

Plant dyed clothing needs some extra care to last as long as possible. The dyes are natural and can be sensitive to shifts in pH levels which can cause changes in colour. Therefore we advise to use a pH neutral and eco friendly detergent and to minimise exposure to sunlight. Washing the items in cold water and hanging them in the shade to dry helps to maintain the original colour and makes them last longer. 

Citrus and acidic foods can have a ‘bleaching’ effect on plant dyed clothing so it is best to take care to not stain the clothing with these things.

Looking after your clothes properly will make them last for many years to come.

We encourage you to wear your clothes more, wash less and to mend so as to reduce your impact on the planet.